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Five Fat Turkeys are Week

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 Leave a Comment

Five fat turkeys are we
We spent all night in a tree
When the cook came around
We couldn't be found
So that's why we're here, you see!

Sing to the tune of... oh crap, I can't remember the song. My boy got this song stuck in my head. I love is because he sings "week" instead of "we."

It's Tuesday, time to brine the turkey!

What, you're still scrambling for recipes?

Never fear. I'm sending you to The Pioneer Woman for step by step instructions on everything. Starting with Ree's favorite turkey brine. Did I mention she'll tell you exactly what to do, with pictures every step of the way?

The Pioneer Woman is a great photographer

And here is her recipe for Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Step by step. I have used this recipe ever since the day I found it, the day before Thanksgiving, 2007.

Me? I ordered all my delicious sides from Spinelli's. Yum! And my boy wants corn fritters, just like they made at the Pioneer Park.

Happy Thanksgiving!