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How to watch a movie on DirecTV

Saturday, October 22, 2011 Leave a Comment

It's 10:00. The kids are finally in bed and asleep. You curl up on the couch with your significant other to watch a movie. If you have Comcast, it's simple: press the OnDemand button on your remote, pick a movie, snuggle in to watch it.

If you have DirecTV, as far as I can tell, the process works like this:

1. Try to find a New Release movie through the TV. Spend 18 minutes browsing Every Possible Option on the labyrinthine menu before giving up.

2. Remember the cool DirecTV app. Run upstairs, get your iPad. Find a movie! Tell it to Record.

3. It may or may not record. Repeat #2.

4. Find the movie in your Playlist. Press play. 3 minutes in, the movie stops and instructs you to BUY the movie.

5. Try to buy via your TV: fail.

6. Try to buy via DirecTV.com/ppv, per the TVs instructions: fail.

7. Call the 1-800 number. Sure, they can help you complete your movie order for an additional, not insignificant fee: fail.

8. It's 10:58, you're frustrated and tired. Give up.