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5 Tips for Making Your Basement Kid-Friendly

Friday, October 21, 2011 Leave a Comment

1. Easy Storage
Make it easy for your kids to clean up after themselves. Divide toys, games, CDs and DVDs into clearly labeled storage bins, so that your children can recognize what goes where. Make sure that these bins are stored within easy reach for your children.
Remember that storage containers do not have to be wire or plastic. Look for boxes or baskets that will match the color scheme of your basement or that will brighten it up with fun colors or patterns.

2. Creative Space
Provide a space for your children to indulge their creativity. Consider devoting one corner of your basement to creativity. You could mark this area off with a craft table, a few kid-friendly chairs, or soft bright rug.
Also consider making your walls kid friendly. Cover one wall, or a portion of it, with chalkboard paint and give your kids free reign in drawing their very own wall art. Corkboard and dry erase boards are also great options for encouraging creativity. Or, hang a map or other backdrop and encourage your children to create their own collage.

3. Low Maintenance Floors
As we all know, a kid-friendly space does not always mean a stain-free space. You are certainly going to have some spills in your basement, so save yourself some stress and choose flooring that is easy to clean.
Stain resistant carpet, protected hardwood, and carpet tiles are all great choices. Try to select colors and patterns that will mask stains well.

4. Ample Seating
Plush seating, and lots of it, will make your basement a friendly space for all age groups. Sectional sofas are a great way to add seating in your basement, and they will certainly come in handy for any sleepovers your children might want to have.

Plush ottomans can do double duty for seating and storage, and beanbag chairs are another great way to make any space kid-friendly.

5. Self-Sufficient Facilities
Consider adding a bathroom and some kitchen facilities to your basement so that it will be a self-sufficient space for the whole family to enjoy. A mini-fridge, refrigerated drawers, sink space, and even a half bathroom can add a lot of utility to your space. Also, as your children get older and have friends to spend the night, it will give them a self-sufficient space to call their own.

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