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Staying Organized in your Home Office

Friday, September 16, 2011 Leave a Comment

Before you tackle anything on my to-do list, always take the time to organize your space. No one completely thrives in chaos and confusion. The trick is in controlling the clutter. Start with paper, the main one to blame; file, recycle or even shred papers and mail every day in order to keep the mounds from forming. Next, make sure you are utilizing your files, cabinets, or other organizational tools- it’s easy to forget about them! Storage is the key to a happy and clean desk, but here’s the kicker- you can still be chic and colorful while being orderly! Instead of drab metal file cabinets, consider file boxes that slide onto your shelves. Bright or whimsical desk accessories can help finish off a look as well. Check out these chic and stylish home offices that we found:

Mailbox-Like Shelving
Photo Credit- Elle Decor

Black, White, and Yellow Office Space
Photo Credit- Alaina Kaczmarski

Organized Office- Neutral
Photo Credit- Diana James

Purple Painted Office
Photo Credit- Elle Decor

Black, White Swirl Design Office
Photo Credit- Houzz

Happy Designing


  • Unknown said:  

    My home office needs some serious help. The piles just overtake the room.

  • Richard C. Lambert said:  

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