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Little Feet's Guide to kid's fall shoes

Thursday, September 22, 2011 Leave a Comment

We asked Little Feet kid's shoe shore in Cherry Creek about fall shoes for kids. Here's what they have to say:

Ask out-of-towners about Denver weather and they'll usually give one of two impressions: it snows all the time, or the weather changes every five minutes. As far as fall and winter are concerned, the truth is somewhere in between. We get our share of stormy weather but there are nice days randomly inserted between big snows. Parents trying to figure out their child's wardrobe are understandably confused. For footwear, Denver kids can get through a typical season with three pair: an everyday shoe, a warm boot, and a waterproof snow boot.

The fall shoe category is broad. We define a good fall shoe as a completely closed style on a rubber sole with a good tread. Waterproof and water-resistant shoes are a plus. In recent years kids have embraced "hybrid footwear" that blends a normal sneaker with features inspired by outdoor sports.

Merrell is a leader in this category, and their Chameleon ($69.95) is a perfect example. This shoe is waterproof, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of with a Z-Velcro closure.

On the girl's side, the Columbia Switchback ($44.95) looks like a sneaker but is water-resistant and very durable. Both shoes come with non-marking soles so they can be worn for gym class and stay on all day. These are shoes kids can live in.

Boots are best for chilly days or light dusting of snow on the ground. Warm sheepskin boots like Ugg and Emu have dominated the kid's scene for several seasons but there are many other options. Girls are all about fashion, and tall boots are popular to wear with jeans and skirts alike. Twig's Alisa Boot ($74.95, exclusive to Little Feet) is made of an appealing crinkle patent that water rolls right off of.

Boys usually get the short end of the fashion stick, but this season has been great for stylish boots that little guys can get dirty in. Our favorite for younger boys is the "Flick Ur Kick" Desert Boot by Kenneth Cole ($49.95, sizes 6-12). This low boot is made of very soft leather and comes in great shades of rich brown and olive green.

When the inevitable blizzard blows in, Colorado kids need a snow boot that is warm, waterproof, and high enough to keep pants and ankles from getting soaked. The Keen Breckenridge ($69.95) reigns supreme as the most comfortable heavy boot.

It comes in boys and girls colors, as does the Bogs Classic High Handle ($69.95). Bogs are new to us this winter. We like them because they are a very warm boot that is easy to pull on, even with gloves. There are many other snow boots from Kamik, Sorel, Columbia, and more that have features all their own. Your child has a choice.

Whether a hardy Keen shoe or a sassy knee-high boot, there are a few special considerations for cold weather shoes and boots. We tend to fit these styles a bit bigger than the average sneaker or Mary Jane. Fitting for a half size of growing room means getting four to six months before the child outgrows them. A child also needs a bit of extra room for thicker socks. Snow boots especially need a bit of space because the pocket of air circulating around the toes is what keeps the feet warm.

Now is definitely the time to fill all your winter shoe needs. We have the best of the best in stock and we know how to fit them so you get your money's worth.

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    Love the wellie boots! I can't wait to go!

  • Beth said:  

    just curious - did you pick a winner for this one already?

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    We just picked a Winner on Facebook.com/stapletonmoms! Congrats Meaghan!

  • Primigi said:  

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