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Back to School: Chalkboards Not Just for the Classroom

Friday, September 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

I have been seeing a lot of fun ideas using chalkboard paint.  Traditionally found in our kids classrooms why not let your creativity take off with some of these great ideas.  This can be a wonderful way to add a little fun and personalization to your decor.  Why not use chalkboard paint to help you get organized or personalize your dining room.  The options are endless and most importantly inexpensive!

Credit:  John Beck Paper & Steel

Credit:  dornob.com

Credit:  homemadesimple.com

Credit:  budgetwisehome.com

Credit:  dornob.com

Happy Designing


  • Unknown said:  

    My boy just drew all over the hallway with crayon. Have you ever tried to get crayon off the wall? I am ready to paint the playroom walls with chalkboard paint!