Oreos in my lunch box? Bad mommy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011 Leave a Comment

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Did you read "pB&J in a Spider Man lunchbox" in the Denver Post? I am cracking up. When did packing school lunches become so complicated?

First, there's the lunchbox. Forget the wastefulness of brown bag lunches with plastic sandwich baggies.

You need a non-BPA, non-PVC lunchbox. With plenty of reusable containers.

I bought my son this adorable monster Bento-box style lunch box. My husband calls it the "hipster lunch box." It came home with lunch completely untouched. Turns out, it was an embarrassingly different lunch box, and my boy was so mortified he didn't even take it out.

Darth Vader is much more socially acceptable.

If your child went to a private preschool, you already know peanut butter is forbidden. At public school, it's allowed, but my son is already conditioned to not like it: 2 of his friends have severe peanut allergies.

Last week, most lunches came home barely touched, so I had to get creative. On successive days, the PB&J sandwich, bag of chips, Oreo cookies and soft pretzel came home untouched. "No one else had those, Mom."

The only things he ate were the carrots & celery, apples, apple sauce, and crackers.

Stapleton moms are not messing around when it comes to packing healthy lunches.

Swigert-McAuliffe International School has scratch-cooking lunches, so they're a great option, too.

What are your kids eating?