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Ask Kama: Updating Grandma's Dining Room Set

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

We asked Kama, our resident Interior Designer,  how to update Grandma's Dining Room Set and here it is! We're so excited to hear her suggestions!

I get this question all the time.  Let's face it: we all would like new furniture, but it really isn't in the budget.  I love to repurpose old items and give them new life.  Don't be afraid to mix old and new styles, this is becoming the trend and adds a fun creativity to your space.

Chairs take a beating, but can be fairly simple to repair - here is a DIY link to easy repairs.  Reupholstering a simple chairs seat is very easy too.  All you need is fabric, new foam (if needed) and a staple gun - all of which you can get at your local fabric and hardware store.

Don't be afraid to paint that old furniture.  It is an easy and budget friendly way to add some real pizazz to your dinning room.  Here is a link for the steps.  Keep in mind that once it is painted it will be difficult to remove, so make sure you aren't painting something that is a collectors item.  But you can change colors over the years based on how your style changes.

Here are some great ideas!

Credit:  younghouselove.com


Credit:  younghouselove.com

painted cabinet
Credit:  Better Homes & Gardens
overall table
Credit:  Better Homes & Gardens
Credit:  MarthaStewart.com

Happy Designing

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