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Why I love Montview Preschool

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Leave a Comment

My son was a Montview kid. For two years, he went to Montview Community Preschool. We loved it. Loved the teachers, the philosophy, the classrooms, the learning methods, the parent involvement... it's a special place.


While I was fretting about getting into this and that summer camp, my boy told me all he wants to do this summer is go hiking and swimming.

I have to attribute part of this to his wonderful teachers at Montview, Kathy and Julie.

Their class always integrated nature and adventure and experimentation into everything. Show and tell was always something from nature. My boy can always find something unique in a rock or a stick or a leaf. He starts sentences with "I notice..."

They took field trips to the box canyon in City Park, where they turned into little Huck Finns, or to the Botanic Gardens, where they got dirty and wet.

 And in the midst of all of these thunderstorms, and lightning shows, and rainbows,  he told me a story about the rainbow goblins who set out to steal the rainbow. The rainbow, he told me, was saved by the flowers. And did I know that the rainbow never touches the ground, and no one can ever find the beginning or the end?

Lo and behold, I went back through my Montview emails and they did indeed read a book called "The Rainbow Goblins."

We bought it the next day and have been reading it every night.

Thank you, Montview!