Warning: You need a new Mac, already!

Sunday, July 31, 2011 Leave a Comment

It was inevitable that this day would come.

I just got a warning that my hard drive is almost full. It happened while I was downloading 483 photos from my camera (hadn't downloaded since last Halloween, story of my life, always behind on something), and I knew the day would come when my music, photo and video files would just be too much.

My Mac PowerBook G4 is almost seven years old. I know, I know... I need a new Mac, but this baby is still running strong, and it's kind of a badge of honor to be using it. And I have my iPad2 to do just about everything on.

But it's reaching the point where I'm seriously limited in what I can do with it. I'm still System 10.4.11 which is ancient, and Apple doesn't even support it anymore. I don't blame them. Just because they build laptops that are indestructible doesn't mean they have to support them. And that means iTunes and iPhoto are leaving me behind, which means I'm not completely syncing with my iPad and iPhone anymore.

I bought AppleTV to move all my photos and music to, but... right, it doesn't support System 10.4.11. And is it like a hard drive to store stuff, or do I have it all wrong?

What do you do with old Macs? Is it worth it to upgrade as much as is possible, or just give it to my boys and get a new one? And can I hire somebody to help me put it all together? Are there Mac consultants who do this? Surely there is someone in Stapleton who is in business helping people connect our Apple products?