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Enjoying the Sweet Life Nail Bar

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Leave a Comment

It was 94 degrees at 5:00 and our AC was broken and no one could come fix it until Monday. The boys had been fighting all day long. I spent the entire day doing Mount Laundry. Just one of those days.

Luckily, I had an appointment at Sweet Life Nail Bar with a girlfriend.

The minute my husband got home from work, I wished him luck, blew them all a kiss, and got in the car.

Ah, escape.

My first trip to Sweet Life, unbelievably, was about a month ago, when my mother in law was in town.  Their ambiance is unlike any other nail salon: elegant yet cozy, chic yet homey, efficient yet unhurried. Even the gossip mags are discreetly displayed. And they serve cocktails and wine. Really, on a Thursday evening, it's heaven to this busy stay at home mom.

The pedicure? Wonderful. The cocktails? Strong. The company? Sisterly. Women in twos and threes, enjoying their drinks and conversation, and you're encouraged to hang out - before and after your service. This is definitely a place to be enjoyed with a friend.

I'm not a manicure kind of girl, but our nail technician had this Gelish manicure that she had gotten a week ago -- and even with all the nail services she does in a week, it still looked fantastic. (It's just $35.)

  • Thursday is the only evening they stay open late
  • Drinks are half price on Wednesdays and Thursdays (we had two) to celebrate their Editor's Choice award in 5280 Magazine for best mani/pedi
  • Because of 5280's award, expect them to be extra popular for a while


  • Kama said:  

    I have to give a shout out to Ronnie at Sweet Life. She gives the most amazing facial I have ever had. Complete with scalp, neck and hand massage, puts you in heaven!

  • A said:  

    I wanted to love Sweet Life. Really, truly wanted to.

    Am actually quite disappointed in my Gellish manicure. $35 is a lot to spend when the technician doesn't even paint ALL of your nail and it looks like you need a fill the next day.

    I like the concept and think it could be great. Unfortunately, I won't be returning to spend that money anytime soon.

  • Diane said:  

    Sweet Life Nail Bar & Lounge loves StapletonMoms.com! Thanks for the great write-up :).

  • Unknown said:  

    Hello A,
    I highly encourage you to contact Sweet Life directly about your experience. Posting negative comments here, anonymously, is unfair to the business. Give them a chance to make it right, and let me know how that goes!