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Steal of the day: Mother's Helpers half off!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Leave a Comment

Need a babysitter? Grab this STEAL of a deal on one of my favorite local businesses: Plum District has Mother's Helpers - half off their yearly fee! Today only!

Even if you have a regular sitter, the time will come when you need someone last minute.

I can honestly say that Mother's Helpers has changed my life. A year ago, I called them because someone on the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! group recommended them. They found me a last-minute sitter -- someone they had already done the background checks on. In fact, they say that they would never send me someone they wouldn't have watch their own children.

I'm a stay at home mom, so I set up a weekly sitter with them. Sometimes I use it just to go to the grocery store alone.

I always say its the best $75 I ever spent, but even better when it's half off!

They also offer mother's helper services -- their sitters will do light housecleaning for you, even things like folding laundry. (Folding Mt. Laundry is the bane of my existence, but it took me a year to finally inquire about it. I don't know, it felt a bit like admitting I just can't keep up with all the housework. Which I can't. No one with 2 kids under 5 can possibly keep up with the amazing, unbelievable messes they generate, not to mention the furniture they destroy.)

And it's all at very reasonable, pre-negotiated rates: $13/hour for two kids, $14/hour for two kids with the mother's helpers services. Sold!

AND... Plum District is a new daily deals just for moms site - if you buy it, then get 3 of your friends to buy it, it's free to you! Sign up to get Plum District deals today!


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    Use promo code "sizzling" to get 30% off now through Friday!!!!