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Learning to paint

Saturday, June 18, 2011 Leave a Comment

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I have never been any good at art. Even as a kid, my art projects were always mediocre.

And yet... I have always wished I could paint. Something I wanted to say I've done. So when Maria agreed to come with me to Paint by Wine in the Stapleton Town Center a few weeks ago, I was nervous.

The blank canvas looked so white. So promising. So intimidating.

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Luckily, all of us were intimidated. We needed wine. Lots of it.
paint by wine

"Just trust the process," our teacher, Victoria, advised. "There will be moments where you won't trust that your painting will turn out. It will."

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The first part was easy: painting a nice, solid orange background. Painting the sun caused a lot of angst.

paint by wine

But once she convinced us to move on, things got fun. We learned how to scrumble, which sounds exactly like what it is. Take your brush, hold it like this, scrumble it up the hillside, girls. Smudge and dab and roll it around.


Paint the trees. Free form some branches. Dab some colorful flowers.


Put on some finishing touches.

paint by wine
None the same, yet all remarkably similar. 

paint by wine

If I can do it, you can do it. I had never painted a painting in my life before tonight.

paint by wine

So grab your girlfriends, check out Paint by Wine's calendar, bring some wine, and have some fun. You will be amazed.

And if you book this month, you'll get $10 off when you mention you saw this on Stapleton Moms!