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Thursday, June 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

The good folks at Stapleton Exchange did an interview with me... a little history on my blog, and this Stapleton community, and how they found me. It was really great to hear the nice things they said about me... "It was almost as if Liz was the one woman welcoming community!" 

I don't always get a lot of feedback, but it's always appreciated. (Even the opinions about off leash dogs.) Kind of makes it worthwhile to hear from readers, ya know?

I used to get a lot of comments, but not so much these days. In fact, a lot of blogs don't get many comments anymore - I visit a lot, and I never comment anymore. And yet I know you're here - the traffic reports just keep getting better. 

What do you think? Has social media changed the way you interact on the web? Are websites going back to being informational rather than interactive? A lot of us lamented the day the old Stapleton forum went away, and we wanted it back, and now here it is - the Stapleton Exchange. So help get the word out - it's a site by Stapleton neighbors, for Stapleton neighbors. And if you're using it, reading it - stop by and leave a comment.


  • StapletonExchange.com said:  


    Thanks for the shout out and thanks for all you do to keep everyone in the community connected and informed!