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Bye Bye Crib

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Leave a Comment

We just took down the fabulous and well loved Stokke crib. It's seen us through two boys - from bassinet to crib to toddler and back to bassinet to crib to toddler.
stokke sleepi

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stokke sleepi

When we had it in our loft, I would wheel him from the side of my bed to the kitchen to my desk, even into the bathroom while I showered. That was when I thought you couldn't leave a newborn alone for a second.
bassinet stokke

Then I realized I could leave him in it and he'd be entertained.

stokke crib

Until I found him learning to stand up while I was putting away groceries.

standing up in the stokke

I had no idea I was so sentimental about it until we boxed it up. I admit, a few tears were shed. My oldest stayed in it until he was almost 3.
the stokke

How did you feel about putting away the baby things for good?


  • Amanda said:  

    I'm putting the crib away (for good) this weekend and have to admit that it's sad to be leaving the "baby" stage of motherhood. But with a 1st grader and almost 3yr old, there will be so many more exciting things we'll be able to do. Each stage has its blessings... until the teen years! What will Stapleton do when all these cribs and baby sales turn into teenagers making out at the parks?

  • Unknown said:  

    Amanda, we are already laughing about what the teen years will bring!

  • Unknown said:  

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