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Top Day Hikes With Kids

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Leave a Comment

My 5 year old told me all he wants to do this summer is go swimming and go hiking.

The swimming part is easy. The hiking, with a 2 and 5 year old, not so easy. What are your favorite hikes for kids?

Here's a few recommendations, only one of which I've done - so if you try them, let me know how it goes.

1. Mount Sanitas in Boulder. The front trail is a wide, gentle uphill - perfect for the BOB double-wide stroller. Dry creekbeds and a trail up the side  of the hill made it fun for both kids, although we didn't make it very far up the hill. The backside is rocky-- my 5 year old scrambled up it like a mountain goat, leaving me in the dust. It's about a mile to the first ridge - spectacular views, but a long way down. No way my 2 year old could make it.

2. Lair O' The Bear in Jefferson County Open Space. I haven't done it, but Maria has. She took the BOB, her 2 and 5 year old girls, and swimsuits - the trail is an easy uphill and goes along a nice creek.

3. Maxwell Falls in Evergreen. Nice wooded hike, pleasant creek along the trail, falls at the end of the hike.

4. Lookout Mountain Nature Center. For those of us with young children, this is perfect: a short drive, short trails, and a place for a picnic. 

5. Willow Creek Trail at Roxborough State Park- Denver's twin to Garden of the Gods- can't wait to try this one out.


  • Anonymous said:  

    We went to bluff lake today-so close and yet so far.... Perfect for little legs, lots to look at, bugs and birds and sometimes rabbits, in an enclosed space.

  • info said:  

    Great post. Thanks for the links over to our site. We have a double-bob stroller and plan to do a "Top Hikes With a Stroller" post here soon.

    One I'd recommend would be The Bluffs Regional Trail. http://www.dayhikesneardenver.com/bluffs-loop-trail-bluffs-regional-park/

    And here is a link from our site for Lair of the Bear: http://www.dayhikesneardenver.com/lair-o-bear-park/

    Great blog!
    DayHikes Near Denver

  • Unknown said:  

    We did the Evergreen Lake Hike on Memorial Day - perfect for a 2 & 5 year old. You can rent paddleboats and go for a half hour spin on the lake, too.

  • info said:  

    I finally did that Great Stroller Hikes post :)

  • Unknown said:  

    We did lair o the bear yesterday with the 2 & 5 year old. Leave the stroller behind and let them meander up the shady path. There's a spot where the creek crosses the path and they had a blast wading and jumping through there. We made it to the castle, then back for a picnic lunch. 1.5 miles in 3 hours - woo hoo!

  • Unknown said:  

    I have to add Lily Lake near Estes and at the foot of Longs Peak. A gorgeous lake, a short 1 mile (or less) loop, longer trails if you want... off of Highway 7, the Peak to Peak Highway.

  • Aaron said:  

    I've added a post on Maxwell Falls. It's become the most popular hike on Dayhikes Near Denver :)
    Here's the link: Maxwell Falls Hike
    DayHikes Near Denver