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That Stapleton Mom: The Duchess of Eastbridge, making dreams come true

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Leave a Comment

by Maria Lucas

Meet Caroline.

Or should I say Rapunzel?

The latest "That Stapleton Mom" has arrived with all the pomp and circumstance of the latest royal wedding...tiaras and all.

It all began one Halloween with a Snow White costume. When Caroline was recruited to help a friend put on a spectacular Princess birthday party, a business was born: Wands and Wishes Occasions, where you can give your little princess the party of her dreams. 
And, my friends, these are no little parties.  We're talking full-blown tea parties with pink tablecloths smothered in pearls and candelabras, tiered cupcake stands and craft tables with make-it-yourself wands... these are parties with no detail left behind.  

Because, really, what else should a mom of two boys be doing than picking out china patterns and sewing adult sized princess gowns?

I mean, c'mon, she's amazing.  My girls got to meet Cinderella at the Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten Carnival last weekend. It's the only thing they have talked about since.  Forget the jumpy castles, move over horse-drawn carriage ride, free balloons (you aren't even trying here), it's a real live princess that my girls want.  And to think this was only a tent set up for coloring and hand stamps... they would FREAK OUT if it was a full party... just look at them.

So let your daughter and her friends swim in a sea of tulle with grand hats and flowing gowns.  Book a tea party for up to 16 and dozens of princess dresses will be rolled into your foyer...

...a perfectly appointed tea party arranged in your basement...

...songs will be sung, pictures taken, faces painted, stories read...

And then, POOF!  As if by magic, an hour after your party, the dishes are whisked away, the dresses rolled out, the craft magically evaporates... now who's the princess?

 Here's Caroline's answers to "That Stapleton Mom: The Profile":
Favorite Stapleton Park: Orchard park on our street (or the one with trees) my sons always find someone to play with, and there are always moms to chat with:)

My Favorite "Mommy" outfit: Leggings, a long shirt and baseball hat if required

My go to dinner: I am a horrible cook, but a great baker! I usually ask my amazing chef (husband) "Honey will you to cook for us tonight?"

My proudest Mommy moment:  Whenever my oldest son is kind to his little brother! Then I think, ok they do love each other!

Favorite TV show:  Right now, "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Dancing with the Stars"

What is your greatest extravagance?  My garden, Vera Bradley bags, and make-up

What is your greatest fear? Losing one of my children- I am one of those "paranoid" moms but about everything!

The one thing I do for myself every single day:  Ahh, a glass of red wine

Best morning activity with the kids: A breakfast trip to Chef Zorbas on 12th

My Sanity Saver:  My fabulous neighbors or a good movie


  • Unknown said:  

    Didja see wands & wishes in the July Front Porch? They're growing so quickly, she's got employees! Three princesses on call! So awesome!