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Stapleton online: old school in a social media world?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Leave a Comment

There are a plethora of new Stapleton niche sites popping up that you should check out.

  • The hilarious Stapletonion. Cause we should be laughing at ourselves. 
  • BlockMarkets.com is a new place to buy and sell your stuff in your own neighborhood, started by a Stapleton couple. Featured in this month's Front Porch newspaper. An online yard sale.
  • StapletonExchange is also a place to buy and sell your stuff, but with so much more... like a comprehensive list of Stapleton events, and community discussion forums (where Dads or grandparents or single people can kvetch, too). Like the old Stapleton Online.
  • It's a Stapleton Thing is a community site where you can post your own events, photos, videos, classifieds, your own blog, form and join groups. You'll see only the information you want to see, not every baby toy for sale. 
  • Yatown. Facebook for neighborhoods. Founded by two former Googlers. Yo, I'm on it and trying to figure it out.
  • On Twitter: StapletonMoms. You can't make this stuff up. Cut and pasted directly from stapletonmoms yahoo group. Only names and places have been censored.
It goes without saying that a lot of these sites-- mine included-- are variations on the theme of the behemoth Stapleton Moms Yahoo Group.  Everyone complains about it: It's turned into a giant CraigsList; 100 messages a day is just too much, even with the daily digest; it's dominated by gossipers and crazies; no politics, please; don't Dads have a place to hang out?; this group can make or break a small local business struggling to survive (hello, Perk & Play)... you know what I'm saying. And yet it's still the dominant way for us to communicate. In this new technological world of iPads and smart phones, Facebook and apps, social media and Groupon-- the old school e-mail listserv is winning out.

What do you think the future will bring? Do these sites strike your fancy?


  • Nick said:  

    Honestly, I think I like the @stapletonmoms twitter feed the best. There are some pretty funny one liners.