Stapleton Exchange - a new community spot

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Leave a Comment

Go check out Stapleton Exchange - a new community site started by a Stapleton couple with classifieds, forums, a calendar of events, and more! Think the old Stapleton Online, but much more comprehensive. 

Here's why you should visit:
1. Find out what's going on in Stapleton in one spot. When's the block party? (This Saturday) When do the pools open? (May 28) Their comprehensive Calendar of Events covers everything from school fundraisers to MCA events to community happenings.  They also have reminder notifications that go out on Twitter and Facebook.
2. You generate the content! You can add to forums and submit local events to be added to the calendar. 
3. Buy and sell stuff. Everybody's looking to buy the double BOB strollers.
4. Generate some discussion in the forums. Personally, I'm looking forward to some off-leash dog topics.
5. Bailey!