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What do you love about living in Stapleton?

Saturday, April 16, 2011 Leave a Comment

A couple of months ago, 3 mom-friends and I met up with HGTV's Heather Armstrong to talk about what we love about living in Stapleton.

Yes, THE Heather Armstrong of dooce fame. (I was kind of beside myself and blubbered what a huge fan I was and that I'd been reading her since before she had kids... or I meant before I had kids...)

We told her how great the neighborhood is, how you can walk to the shops and restaurants at the Town Center, how the parks are always full of kids. And most importantly, how easy it is to make a network of mom friends. Because, you know, trying to do it alone is just... hard. You need other moms.

Next thing we knew, we were sitting on Paulette's front porch, sharing a glass of wine and chatting about parenting, and friendship, and funny things our kids do.

Yeah, no wonder they cut our 2 hour shoot down to 30 seconds.

So did you see the "HGTV Stapleton Green Home in Stapleton, Colorado" special last night? What a great neighborhood, what a great state (skiing and fly-fishing, anyone?), and what an amazing house. It will be on again - be sure to watch it to see this gorgeous home!

Truly,  my favorite things about Stapleton can be summed up by Paulette's front porch: hanging out with friends while our kids ride bikes up and down the block. And my dog enjoys it, too.

(Yep, that off leash black lab on HGTV is my dog...)

What do you love about living in Stapleton?


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