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Q&A with Dr. Allie at the Café of Life

Monday, April 25, 2011 Leave a Comment

Q: You seem to be a different kind of chiropractor. What's your story?

A: Café of Life Chiropractic is a place that thinks radically different about health.  It is a place where you are given inspiration, hope and the opportunity to truly shine.  
We are in a society where people are looking for MORE, wanting to change, searching for greater wholeness.  Unfortunately, most people don't know that Chiropractic is a key to unlocking that potential.  

Q: That's a pretty bold statement. How can Chiropractic help?  
A: At the core of all living things is a conductor of a beautiful symphony orchestra within you.  That orchestra is made up of a brain, nerves, tissues, cells, molecules, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, proteins, and the list goes on.  A corpse has the same “parts” as the living.  However, what is it that runs through us and allows us to BE alive?  All of these parts and processes are beautifully arranged and regulated making us whole, healing, and vital.  Some of the names used to describe this are: Innate Intelligence, Life Force, Spirit, Vital Energy, Qi, Prana, etc.  We know that there is something that tells the heart to beat, blood vessels to retain the perfect tone, the diaphragm to rise and lower for breathing, and the perfect enzymes to be released for digestion.  
For this discussion, let's use Life Force.  Physicists describe force as any influence which tends to change the motion of an object.  We can think of the “objects” within us as all of the organs, tissues, cells, molecules, etc..  Now, they are not all just sitting there within us statically.  They are vibrating at some frequency.  Some are doing more than vibrating but are sent in motion from one distinct area of the body to another either alone or through the help of transporters.  Some serve to form and some serve to maintain our very structure.  This orchestra is run primarily over the nerve system (brain, spinal cord, nerves).  

Q: So why participate in Chiropractic care?  

A: This information super highway can sometimes have traffic jams, delays, interferences which doesn't allow for vital information to be communicated.  This ultimately can create dis-ease and decreased healing and cellular replacement.  People may or may not experience associated symptoms as a result.  

Symptoms can also sometimes be a “sign” of healing (i.e. a fever is an increase in the body's temperature in order to kill off pathogenic bacteria and viruses).  Some people experience NO symptoms, “feel” healthy and then drop dead of a massive heart attack (THAT was their first symptom).  So we can't base our concept of health just on symptoms alone.  Health and healing is a constant goal for that intelligence within us.  So when there is some interference to that, Chiropractic can help.  

Q: Sounds simple. How does it work?

A: Chiropractic is so simple... it helps to remove the areas of interference along the spine in order to reduce “traffic jams”.  A MAJOR traffic jam where the highway completely shuts down is spinal cord injury.  There is a reduction (partial or complete) in the communication from the brain to the parts innervated by the nerves exiting at and below the level of injury.  As a result, for example, individuals lose mobility, muscles atrophy, reflexes are diminished and other functions are lost.  On a less obvious scale, we experience what are called subluxations in the spine which are misalignments of vertebrae creating a chain reaction of inflammatory processes and muscle guarding.  These areas are where Chiropractors adjust in order to restore proper motion and location of the vertebrae thus allowing for the free flow if vital information over the nerves.  

I CANNOT impress upon you enough how VITAL a role Chiropractic care can play in preventing chronic conditions in the spine which lead to dis-ease in the body.  

Q: You work with kids a lot. Do kids really need Chiropractic care?

A:All babies should be checked from birth on due to the traumatic nature of the modern birthing process.  Then as they age, they too experience stresses including falls, toxins in the environment, foods, vaccinations, etc...  Kids respond amazingly well to Chiropractic care.  For kids, it's about greater life expression.  That can come in the form of reduced hyperactivity, reduced susceptibility to illness, better mood regulation, higher quality of sleep, proper digestion and the list goes on.
Chiropractic is a CHOICE.  It is an avenue for a greater expression of wholeness.  Since the central nervous system and the vital force that runs through it are the main conductors for ALL processes in the body (i.e. hormone regulation, proper digestion, lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins, and the function of all of our organs, tissues and cells).  It is NOT just about elimination of pain.  If that were the case, Chiropractors would just be acting like an Aspirin instead of getting to the cause.  That's why we invite you think of the chiropractic adjustment as a facilitator to true change and true healing at your core.  It's time for a shift towards greater wholeness and harmony in life.  

Thanks for an enlightening conversation!
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