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Deal of the Week: Support for new parents at $25 off

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Leave a Comment

Taking care of a newborn can be overwhelming. No one tells you how hard it's going to be.

But don't fret, and don't be alone. A new support group for first time parents is forming in Stapleton, and you're invited to join SPIN Groups Denver! Meet Park Hill mom Megan Nyce, founder of SPIN Group Denver. 
Q: What's a SPIN Group?

A: SPIN Groups are weekly support groups for first time parents to attend in the early months of your newborn’s life.  Every meeting is professionally facilitated, features an educational topic, and allows for resource and experiential exchange between parents.  The groups are small in size and are located in the neighborhoods of the group members, so the support network is easily accessible and will last a lifetime!  Its a meet-up group, support group, and parenting class combined into one!
Q: What do you talk about?

A: Our focus is on giving support to the parents. Common topics include:
  • remaining connected as a couple
  • infant feeding, sleeping, and soothing skills
  • parent emotions, coping, and self care
  • returning to work after maternity leave
  • enhancing language development
Q: How did you start this business?

A: After the birth of our daughter, my husband and I joined a group of other brand new parents in our neighborhood.  We gathered in our homes each week to give each other support and advice.  We had guests join us to share their expertise with us and left with a foundation to build our parenting skills on. I want all new parents to have the opportunity to benefit from this type of community and so formed SPIN Group Denver.

Q: When should new parents join a SPIN Group?

A: Future parents sign up at www.spingroupdenver.com several months before their babies arrive.  They are placed in a group near their neighborhood and sessions begin shortly after the arrival of their baby.  When they have completed the three-month program, connections between members have formed providing them and their children with play dates, babysitting exchanges and a lifetime of community. 

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The three-month program costs $150 for one parent, $200 for two parents. That's 12 sessions.

And Stapleton Moms receive $25 off when you mention this ad! 

Starting May 3rd, Megan will have a drop-in newborn group support every
Tuesday from 3:00pm-4:00pm at Naturally Loved in Stapleton Town Center.
Cost is only $5.00!  Naturally Loved address is 7349 E 29th Avenue 80238.


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