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Life in Stapleton: our neighbors talk about living here

Thursday, March 10, 2011 Leave a Comment

Lots of our Stapleton neighbors are featured in this HGTV article on Life in Stapleton...

including the families with the chicken coop (love them)...

and (leashed) dogs...

and a peek into the kitchen of our friend, interior designer and "That Stapleton Mom" Diane Gordon,

and our neighbors, the Johnsons, playing outside our house,

and us, too - talking about how this blog is evolving.

and best of all - our boys, making friendships.

"This is my house. I built it all by myself," said Gavin Johnson, 3, to Jack Easterly, 4, his next-door neighbor, as Jack opens the door. The two can be seen running in and out each other's houses on a daily basis, supervised by their parents. 

"They walk in, walk out and barely knock anymore. I love that," said Liz Johnson, Gavin's mom. The sidewalk, porches and even their homes are littered with communal toys until even the parents forget who owns what. When one kid has a birthday, every kid benefits, jokes Liz.