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Before & After: a bedroom transforms from gray tones to a modern oasis

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Leave a Comment

“When we walked into the master bedroom, it was such a large expansive space, we didn’t know where to start.”

That's how Jessica and Clancy Howard felt in their Stapleton home. When they moved in, their realtor gave them a color consultation as a housewarming gift. That set the stage for creating a modern oasis in the main living level. But the bedroom - with a high, A-frame ceiling  - presented a challenge. So they hired interior designer Janae Branning of MJK Interiors to redesign their bedroom. 

Janae, with her years of experience designing model homes for Shea Homes, plus a stint in Manhattan, had a discerning eye and a knack for translating wants into reality. 

Her "The Big Idea" one-room design package is a flat-fee package that includes a design consultation to discuss likes, wants, needs; a scale floor plan and drawing; color recommendations; and a Retail Product Package – she'll pre-shop all retail stores, local and online and provide a complete printed package of items the owner can purchase on their own. This package will include 3 options for each item specified -- high, mid and low prices.

“We knew the style we wanted was modern, we would see bits and pieces on home shows here and there, but when you stand in the room and really try to make it work, it was just impossible. We would become so overwhelmed. We had started on our own prior to meeting Janae by purchasing a bed we feel in love with, and then Matt Kunish fabricated a custom made dresser and night stand for us in a clean modern Scandinavian style that we also loved. Once those items were in the room, we didn’t know what to do next, so we called in back up. Janae came up with the complete concept and we absolutely love it.”

Before: the bed they bought lacked style
The custom made dresser needed some modern companions

What were your needs in your master bedroom?
We needed kid friendly, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The room was so empty and tall. We knew exactly what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to toss. We wanted a seating area in the niche. We wanted the room to feel pulled together, with a modern approach. 

How were those needs addressed in your design?
Well the room is beautiful, and we love it. It’s a cohesive space now with style.
All of our bedding is machine washable and easy to put back on the bed. The upholstery fabrics we selected are also kid friendly and easy to clean.

The Plan

How did you feel working with a designer on a flat rate?
We loved working this way for a number of reasons. We knew exactly what we were getting; nothing was hidden I loved how upfront it was. For a set amount of money Janae gave us the tools and package to pull the concept together. Her design fee never changed. Even after Janae presented and we moved onto purchasing, I knew I could call Janae if anything came up. I also loved that Janae gave 3 choices for each of the items we needed to purchase and they were ranked. It meant that if we didn’t love the first option, we could go for the second or third and it would still work in the overall concept.

How did you feel about purchasing and shopping on your own for the items to complete your concept?
I like the freedom to purchase products on my own. I could bring items home and because it was from a retail store I could try it out and then return it for the second option if I wanted. Janae made it very clear how much everything would cost again without a hidden charge. We could decide which items fit in our budget and we could purchase as our budget allows. 

After: the end result
Bright pops of color transform the bed
The dresser is now a piece of art