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Things to do on a snow day

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Leave a Comment

1. Eat. My sister is having a day like the hobbit. First is breakfast, then second breakfast, then elevensies, then lunch, followed by tea, then supper.

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2. Take the train to New York. The boys (mine + a neighbor) were in the "sleeper car" with their cowboy rifles and pistols, taking the train to New York. In pursuit of the outlaw, the 1-year old. Two of them ended up in tears. End of that game.

3. Make brownies. I'm making gluten-free brownies. Sometimes in the past I have cooked them too long. Or not long enough, I'm not really sure.

4. The new rec center. Should we try it? The boys want to play basketball. Do we have to bring our own basketball?

5. Toy Story 3. When all else fails, Toy Story 3 will do the trick. I'm trying to hold out until at least 2:00 to pull that out.

What are you doing?