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Prenatal Yoga for Lowry & Stapleton

Friday, February 18, 2011 Leave a Comment

Just when I was complaining about the dearth of prenatal yoga in Stapleton, another great class is forming! (OK, OK it was 2 years ago that I was hauling my huge self to the Highlands and Cherry Creek for the prenatal yoga classes that saved my sanity and my body. As much as it could be saved.)

Check out Prenatal Yoga for Lowry & Stapleton.

Here's what instructor Teena has to say:

My name is Teena Evert and I am a women with many passions, one of them being to provide services that nourish human potential from the beginning of life. I was inspired to start this meet up group in order to attract expectant and new moms in the Lowry & Stapleton Neighborhoods who are interested in participating in prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.
There are many benefits you can receive from practicing prenatal and postnatal yoga and it is my passion to share these benefits through teaching and creating a supportive safe space for women to learn. The practice of yoga during pregnancy is meant not only to ensure good health, but also to give you the confidence you need to be empowered throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond!
Pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a women faces. As your baby grows, your body changes, creating different needs throughout your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga addresses these needs with safe, effective stretches and exercises that are modified for each trimester.
Yoga is an ancient system for health and healing. Yoga involves the whole person, body, mind, and breath. In Yoga, the body and mind are synchronized with the breath; one is not separate from the other. It is important to know that Yoga is a process and a discipline for knowing oneself, not merely an exercise or physical movement to be mastered or simply performed.
It is an approach, a path, for inner peace in the midst of external distractions, and therefore, one of the best methods of preparing for pregnancy and birth. It is a way of growing inward as the baby grows outwards. Yoga will not necessarily provide an easier or faster birth, but it can help with increased body and breath awareness to help adjust to the demands of labor, birth and beyond.
I invite you to allow me to help support you and your baby during this essential time of bringing new light, new hope, and new ways of welcoming your baby and yourself!