Is Google going to ruin our kids?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Leave a Comment

I am both terror-stricken and cracking up at this mom's post about teaching her son how to Google this: is applesauce a fruit?

As he types "is," Google starts auto-filling and this is what he gets: 

Poopandboogies says: Seriously Google? The first response to the word IS in your searches is about whether Santa is real? Now I have no idea if that was what Maxfield was reading. I hope he was trying to figure out if Lady Gaga is a man. I know I would have an easier time talking to my kid about Vin Diesel's sexuality then I would explaining the existence of Santa.

Thus far, I have forbidden my 4-1/2 year old from touching the computer at all. But 6 isn't so far away. Ah, it's a new world we have to look forward to. I always end up with goofy auto-fill things happening, like the time I tried to text "awwww" and my iPhone auto-filled "sewer..." another story.

Anyway, thanks to the commenters, I've gathered some kid-friendly search engines: