Major assembly required

Sunday, January 9, 2011 Leave a Comment

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I just spent four precious hours of my life trying to assemble this super fun looking toy: a trampoline. We made it to Step 7 of 26 before finally, reluctantly, throwing in the towel. I think this toy was designed just to make parents feel totally inadequate. My 4-year old started the morning singing "Handy Manny" and handing us various tools. "Screwdriver!" "Wrench!" "Hammer!"


He ended by pleading with us to just send it back so he could get a different toy.

Brilliant idea.


  • Ashley said:  

    OMG, I spent all night working on it...I was nearly in tears towards the end. My husband will not let me purchase toys for the kids with out his approval ever again:)

  • Unknown said:  

    Too funny Ashley! We took it back to Target and exchanged it for a Storm Trooper Blaster. Much happier with that.