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The HGTV Green Home in Stapleton

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Leave a Comment

It's a big deal, the HGTV Green Home in Stapleton.

Have you seen it?

It's on the northwest side of Central Park. You can easily recognize it by its unique modern prairie design, and the gorgeous landscaping, which just happens to be very drought-tolerant and features an astroturf lawn. No need to water that puppy.

If you're wondering what exactly goes into this home to make it so green, HGTV and Infinity Homes explain it all here. Like using locally sourced bricks or asphalt roof shingles. And where can I get some recycled blast fence material (a product utilized to buffer jet blast)?

What I'm wondering is how many of our regular old Parkwoods and New Town's and John Laing's use these same green materials and we just don't know it?

My favorite touch is the interior doors made of beetle-kill wood. They're rather gorgeous, aren't they?

But it's the neighborhood itself - and our reputation as a sustainable community - that seems to make the biggest impact. As one of our fellow neighbors says on the HGTV video below, I don't think there's any other neighborhood in the country like Stapleton.

The rest of the world will see the Green Home unveiled in April. And then we'll all get a chance to win it!

See HGTV's site: