Goodbye, duvet! Hello, coverlet!

Saturday, January 8, 2011 Leave a Comment

We got a Tempur-Pedic bed and can I just say: I am on my fourth night of heavenly, sound sleeping. I lay down on my side, sink in and don't move an inch all night long. It is so worth the money.

Our old bed was so bad, after two pregnancies, that my husband and I slept in deep crevasses, with a mound of lumpy mattress separating us. I woke every 3 hours with my hip in pain. For months, we suspected that our heads were lower than our feet, even though we kept rotating the mattress. It wasn't until my 4-year old slept with us and woke up complaining that his feet were asleep that we knew - it must be the boxspring that's shot. We started sleeping at the foot of the bed -- to the delight of the 4-year old, "You're sleeping upside down in the bed!"

But no more. Hello, dreamy Tempur-Pedic.

Getting the Tempur-Pedic means getting rid of the down comforter.

 I've been disenchanted with the down comforter ever since pregnancy reset my internal thermostat. I wake up sweating under that oven of a blanket every night, while my husband is cocooned inside of it. He loves it. But the Tempur-Pedic is a warm enough bed that even he has been kicking off the covers.

So I opened up the Saturday Wall Street Journal and saw this article: Down with Comforters! And a handy how-to guide to making a tidy bed. After years of lumpy, messy down comforters, I can assure you that the art of making a bed has been lost in this household.

West Elm, here I come!