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Who's the hardest person on your list?

Monday, December 20, 2010 Leave a Comment

Only 5 days to Christmas and the hardest person on my list is my husband. First of all, when he wants or needs something, like iPods or wii or other fun gadgets, he just goes out and buys it. He doesn't wear a watch. He's stocked on clothes, shoes, and coats. We got bikes last summer. He doesn't golf.

Who's the hardest person on your list?

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Thanks, Noodles!


  • Maria Lucas said:  

    my mother-in-law! she has EVERYTHING and needs NOTHING. love her though. i just flat out ask her what she wants now and that way everyone is happy!

  • gretchen from lifenut said:  

    My dad is the hardest person to shop for. He has everything he needs and rarely wants anything. When asked, he'll say things like, "I want you to help your mom with the dishes..." Mr. Sarcasm.

  • Tracy said:  

    My dad for sure! Like your husband, he buys anything he wants or needs - which isn't much since he's very frugal and not into material things anyway. This year, along with photos of his grandson, we got him oil filters for his car since he changes his own oil. Ha ha what an exciting gift!

    Love Noodles!

    monalua2002 at msn dot com

  • Chris Horst said:  

    it's got to be my dad. If he wants it, he buys it. It's a challenge each year.

  • Julie said:  

    Definitely my husband. He doesn't have any real hobbies other than home improvement and how many years can I get him Home Depot gift cards??

  • Carrie said:  

    Darn, I'm 6th and love Noodles. Oh well! My 2 yr old daughter is currently the hardest. She has all her older sister and brother's toys to play with already, and isn't old enough to really have a special interest in anything else yet. Shes' getting clothes - boooooring!

    carrie at concrete-creative dot com