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When your kids bring home every cold in town

Friday, December 10, 2010 Leave a Comment

My last two weeks have been like this: one trip to urgent care, three cases of sinusitis with double-ear infections (the kids and me), one case of pink eye (the 4-year old), four trips to the pediatrician (2 for each kid), 4 prescriptions for antibiotics, 1 trip to the chiropractor, ear drops, motrin, sudafed, neti pots, probiotics and vitamins, many coughing, sleepless nights, 3 days of missed school, hundreds of hours of Handy Manny and Batman and Scooby Doo, not one single food that tastes good, and gallons of orange juice.

If I were a working mom, these two weeks would have cost me my job. I don't know how working parents do it. I don't know how I'm doing it.

Since this is my first adult ear infection, and my head feels like it's in a vice, I can't hear and I'm dizzy, I am so sorry that I ever made my boys wait 24 hours to start antibiotics. This hurts.

And, it's made me completely reverse my stand on the flu shot -- which used to be, we're not getting them. We're all getting them. If a measly cold can shut us down for 2 weeks, I don't want to know what the flu can do.

Oh, so my point is this: I still have 7 more days of Christmas to fill with great local businesses, so I need your help! What's your favorite local business to shop at? Who has some really unique gifts?