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    This sad, tragic incident seems to have hit everyone in my neighborhood hard - moms, nannies, grandparents. It could have been any one of us. Our prayers are for that family.

  • David said:  

    Update from SUN website:

    Update on Hit and Run Accident on December 9th

    The following updates are available on the actions following the Hit and Run that occurred on December 9th and the effort to improve traffic safety in our neighborhood:

    * No suspect has been identified by Denver Police. Crimestoppers continues to offer a $2,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. SUN is working with Crimestoppers to increase the rewards and get additional news coverage for the reward. Crimerstoppers has asked that if the community would like to contribute to the rewards that the funds be consolidated by SUN and then sent to them in a lump sum. If anyone in the community would like to donate, please write a check made payable to SUN.
    o You can drop your check off at Stapleton Art & Framing, 7483 E. 29th Pl (29th Ave Town Center) during their regular business hours (Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 11am - 5pm and Sun Noon - 4pm).

    Checks can also be mailed directly to SUN. Mail checks to:

    Stapleton United Neighbors
    2760 Wabash St.
    Denver, CO 80238

    Crimestoppers will hold the funds and if a tip leads to an arrest, the reward will be paid. If no suspect is identified, the funds will be returned. It is imperative that you provide complete contact information with the check so if no arrest is made, the funds can be returned.

    * Councilman Hancock has held numerous consultations with Denver Police and Traffic Control Division of Denver Public Works. He has requested an expedited review of the traffic concerns and expects a report by January 3, 2011. He assures the community that the City has devoted a tremendous amount of resources to analyzing the traffic challenges at the intersection and tracking down the person responsible for the tragedy. Councilman Hancock has pledged that once all information is received, he will provide a full report to the community.
    * In addition, the City Director of Traffic Engineer has confirmed they will have an update soon to Councilman Hancock. In addition he stated that "The use of an all-way stop, or in this case four all-way stops, as an interim condition at an intersection where a traffic signal will eventually be constructed is a recommended practice in the national Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). As a result of the recent tragic hit and run accident at CPB-29th Ave, our staff is looking at options that could be implemented quickly for enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the existing four all-way stops. At the same time, Public Works is developing a plan for the reconstruction and signalization of the CPB-29th Ave intersection which is to be completed prior to the opening of the CPB/I-70 interchange."
    * SUN is working with the City to schedule a community meeting to discuss the traffic issues. The date of the meeting has not been finalized but should be after the first of the year.
    * SUN is sponsoring a blood drive in honor of the victim of this accident. The blood drive is schedule for Sunday, January 2nd from 11am - 3pm. The location has not been finalized but will most likely be at one of the Stapleton schools. Please call 303-363-2300 to schedule an appt. Donation takes about 10 minutes.

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    Update from SUN website:


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    sorry for multiple post....page kept having errors did not know it posted multiple times...

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    David, thanks for the update!