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I need an organizer for my calendars

Monday, November 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

Today I dropped my preschooler off for Lunch Bunch, followed by his afternoon preschool, and took my 1-year old home for his nap. When I came downstairs, I had missed eleven calls. From my husband and the preschool.


My voicemail informed me that I was 20 minutes late for my helping parent day, which includes bringing snacks for 15 hungry kids. Isn't that the call ever parent dreads getting?

My husband was on the way out of his office, cancelling phone calls and meetings to try to cover for me. Quite irritated, as you can imagine.

And I was just sick. Not only did I doubt my ability to find someone to watch my sleeping 1-year old, but the helping parent day is extremely important to my boy. If he knew I missed it, he would just be devastated.

By the time I called, in tears at this point, they had already covered it. One mom took my place, another mom provided the snacks, and my boy was none the wiser. That's what a good community does for each other.

But how did I miss it?

"Don't you track these things?" My husband asked.

Of course I do. On my iPhone. Which syncs to my Mac and sends me alarms and whistles. But this particular date did not make it onto my iPhone, I don't know how or why. It didn't make it onto any of my calendars.

And yes, I have several back-up calendars to try to avoid situations just like this one.

I have the Zoo monthly calendar hanging up, with all the soccer games marked so my boy can see them.

Then I have my paper planner, the old-school kind, with notes and to-do lists and phone numbers and receipts all jammed together.

Then I have a white-board to try to keep track of Dad's travel schedule, housecleaners, babysitters and zoo camps.

I even have an app to try to pull it all together. I don't use it.

Please chime in, let me know I'm not the only one this has happened to. How do you keep multiple schedules organized and in one place?


  • Cathy L. said:  

    A couple years ago my husband finally talked me into letting go of my 4 calendars and putting EVERYTHING on our google calendar. I have it color-coded by each kid, each of us, and "household" for events for all of us. Both of us can access the calendar from work or home, and hubby can access it from his phone. If it's not on Google, it doesn't happen.

    We do keep one calendar with cute pictures hanging in the kitchen, but it's more for decoration and to help the kids with their dates than for any serious scheduling.

  • Rachel said:  

    If you use Google Calendar, do back it up. Google completely lost an important work calendar of mine. I'm sure it was a very rare glitch, but the calendar never came back. I now use BusyCal (a Mac program) and sync with Google Calendar so that others can view my calendar.