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Win a SmartCo Foods Halloween goody bag - with a $25 cash card

Monday, October 25, 2010 Leave a Comment

One of my favorite things about Stapleton is the over-the-top Halloween decorations every year. We've been taking Halloween walks around the neighborhood to see who has the best spooky house. My boys particularly like the sound-activated spiders who drop from their webs, or the floaty ghosts on the neighbor's behind us.

What's your favorite thing about Halloween in Stapleton?

Leave me a comment (or, if you wish to enter anonymously email me at liz dot easterly at gmail dot com) and you'll be entered in a contest to win a Halloween trick-or-treat bag from the good folks at Smart Co Foods. Inside you'll find goodies like candy, Halloween party supplies, pumpkin carving tools,  and a $25 SmartCo Foods cash card.

What, you haven't been to SmartCo Foods yet?

It's a new warehouse store/grocery store/office food supply store/farmer's market. All in one. They carry locally grown produce whenever possible -- like Colorado potatoes. Their October recipe of the month is from Frasca's chef Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson for grilled American lamb lollipops (chops) with twice-baked Colorado potatoes. Yum.

And here's some Halloween safety tips from the folks at SmartCo Foods:

  1. Keep Your Home Safe - For your own home, candles in jack-o'-lanterns should be off the ground and out of children’s reach. Try battery-operated LED candles for a safer option.
  1. Keep Little Ones Close - Younger children should always go out trick-or-treating accompanied by a responsible adult and as early in the evening as possible. Consider also making sure each child has a buddy to hold hands with when crossing the street.
  1. Plan for the Older Ones - For older kids who are responsible enough to go out in a group by themselves and who have cell phones, adults should plan a safe route in advance so they will know where their kids will be at all times. Older kids should also be given a set curfew, asked to check in with parents throughout the night and instructed to stay on well-lit streets
  1. Have the Stranger Talk - Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car. Tell them what to do if a stranger should try to get them into their home or car - scream as loud as they can to draw attention and run away as fast as they can to a safe place.
  1. Light is Right - Have each child carry or wear something lit such as: a flashlight, headlamp, glow bracelet or necklace, and/or fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags. Also, only trick or treat at houses that are well-lit.
  1. Head out After a Meal - Serve your kids a filling meal before trick or treating and they won't be as tempted to eat candy before they bring it home for you to check. You can even serve them hearty Halloween-themed snacks at home like mini pizzas decorated to look like mummies.
  1. Comfortable Shoes are Key - You don’t want to be carrying shoes or your child, so make sure children are wearing well-fitting, comfortable shoes like sneakers. Light-up shoes add an extra bonus on a dark Halloween night.
  1. Avoid Costumes that Drag on the Ground. While cute in theory, costumes that drag or have long tails can trip up little feet, get caught on bushes and be a nuisance.
  1. Consider Avoiding Masks and Props – If a mask or prop must be used, let children try on masks in advance to make sure they allow full visibility and breathing. Feel free to cut larger openings to maximize comfort. Only carry flexible and soft props that can't cause injury if a kid accidentally falls.
  1. Dress Appropriately for the Weather – We all know that Halloween in Colorado could mean snow or 70 degrees and sunny, so plan costumes accordingly to make sure kids are comfortable. Always bring an extra layer of clothing just in case.
  • Contest ends Wednesday, October 27 at midnight.
  • Winner will be chosen in a random fashion, I'll probably read your comments to my 4-year old and let him choose one. : )
  • Goody bag will be sent to you directly by the folks at SmartCo Foods, so make sure you give me your email so I can get your address if you win. The comment form asks for your email but does NOT publish it (or, if you wish to enter anonymously email me at liz dot easterly at gmail dot com)


  • alli kaarina said:  

    If I have to be honest, my absolute favorite part remains and will always be the candy. Free chocolate, gummies, and peanut butter cups... I'm just not sure it gets any better than that!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Are there official trick or treating hours in Stapleton?

  • Cathy L. said:  

    One of our single/no-kids neighbors bravely opens her home every year for a pumpkin carving party in her basement. All the dads help the kids carve while the moms gossip in the kitchen. When everybody's done we line up all the pumpkins on her front porch.

  • Carrie said:  

    Probably not appropriate for your 4 year old's ears - the best part about Halloween in Stapleton is the house nearby that has a barrel on tap and spiked hot apple cider for the adults!

  • Unknown said:  

    Yum, spiked apple cider! What street is that? : )

  • Unknown said:  

    My boy chose the winner: not surprisingly, it's CANDY!!! Thanks for entering, and thanks SmartCo Foods for the great goody bag!

  • Anonymous said:  

    The parade around the F-15 park, with all the kids AND parents in costume. My favorite a couple of years ago was this bald toddler dressed up as Charlie Brown, with a black curlicue drawn on his forehead. Adorable.

  • Anonymous said:  

    Happy Halloween! Check out the SUN website Safety Committee page for Halloween updates and the door sign.