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DSST is changing education in America

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Leave a Comment

Of course you've heard: Oprah gave $1 million to Denver School of Science & Technology on Monday, along with 5 other outstanding charter schools in America who are changing the way we educate our kids.

"These school leaders are doing whatever it takes," Oprah said on the program. "We want to give you something to go back to your schools to make life better."

We're lucky to have this school in our neighborhood, and we need more of them, because when Stapleton's army of toddlers reaches middle school, competition will be fierce for this school. DSST plans to use the money to help open 2 more campuses in Denver.

If you missed the show, you can see the highlights and watch clips and read about DSST.

Our friends over at Scoop Too have a lot to say about the state of Denver's schools and some suggestions for how you can get involved -- starting with seeing the documentary "Waiting for Superman" on October 15th and joining Denver Waiting for Superman.

Congratulations, all you DSST students and teachers!