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That Stapleton Mom: Tara, owner of Betty Basket Liners

Monday, August 9, 2010 Leave a Comment

Meet Tara Byrnes, owner of Betty Basket Liners.

As the mother of three young, energetic and adorable boys, it's no wonder that this self-proclaimed "Mompreneur" needed to add a little pink to her life. Add in the fact that she once lived in Holland (where bikes are a standard mode of transportation) combined with the fact that she attended Indiana University (think "Breaking Away"), of course a woman like this was going to invent the totally fashionable Betty Basket Liner.

Not only are they a Stapleton necessity for collecting all the things you pick up at the Farmers' Market or Sweet William, but these liners/purses are made here in Denver and if you pick up your order, forget about the shipping costs. They may be pink... or magenta... or raspberry with yellow polka dots... but they're also completely green. And if standard models like "The Harvard" or "The Salzburg" don't quite match you or your bike, you can customize one. Just bring your bike over, swim in swatches and pick any three you love.

Don't forget the little fashionista in your house. The "Lil' Betty" is just the accessory she needs for that ride back to school.

For more on Tara, check out her answers to "That Stapleton Mom - The Profile":

Favorite Stapleton Park: F15...it's convenient, small and never crowded! We always have a great time there.

My Favorite "Mommy" outfit: No question: my Athleta skort, a t-shirt and flip flops..perfect bike attire :)

My go to dinner: I would eat at "Tables" every night if I could. At home, I'm really happy with any Italian or Mexican food.

My proudest Mommy moment: Giving Birth with no meds! No really, if I had to pick one it would be watching my boys when they are at a creek. They instantly become part of a team with the utmost cooperation and respect, while being kind and helpful to one another. During those moments they are just pure, happy and enjoying the moment!

Favorite TV show: Right now I'm frantically catching up on past seasons of Mad Men. But one of my all time favorite shows is Brothers and Sisters.

What is your greatest extravagance? Vacationing with my hubby....we definitely have the travel bug.

What is your greatest fear? I try not to think about this too often but it would be losing a family member.

The one thing I do for myself every single day: I can't think of anything that I do for myself EVERYDAY...that's scary. I do try to remind myself to live simply and remain grateful regardless of what's going on.

Best morning activity with the kids: Staying in our jammies, snuggin on the couch and watching TV. We also love to get out and walk down by Sand Creek with our dog.

My Sanity Saver: Hands Down...it's my husband!

Now get shopping at : www.bettybasketliners.com

"That Stapleton Mom" written by contributor Maria.


  • Unknown said:  

    I finally got my bike! A hybrid - boring color so it definitely needs a cute Betty Basket Liner to spice things up! The Fiji? The Napali? I just can't decide!