A return to some structure

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Leave a Comment

One of the best things about summer is that we are free from schedules and school and all that structure controlling every minute of every day. It's what being a stay-at-home mom is about: lazy days at the pool, waking up and asking, "What do you want to do today?"

And one of the best things about the end of summer is a return to structure. All the summer trips and lazy days have left us with a bedtime that creeps later and later, waking up with the whole menagerie in our bed, staying in our PJs till mid-morning, and boredom with every toy in the house. When my 4 year old started reciting lines from Scooby Doo, I knew it was time to put some structure back into our days.

This fall, we've got an afternoon preschool spot. That leaves a lot of empty mornings with a 1 year old and a 4 year old. Here are some things I've compiled to help add some structure back into our lives:

  •  We're lucky to be so close to the Zoo, and they've got some great kid activities, including some mornings for 4-5 year olds on their own.
  • The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has weekend kid camps through the fall.
  • Tales'N Tunes offers music classes that kids age 1-5 can attend together.
  • The Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge offers Tuesday Tots for ages 2-5 on the first and last Tuesday of the month.
Any suggestions from other stay-at-home moms?