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New Town Builders is on the Parade of Homes tour

Friday, August 20, 2010 Leave a Comment

This will be the year I check out the Parade of Homes. Remember when hordes of people used to line up to see the McMansions on the Parade? At its height, something like 120,000 people would buy tickets and line up to see Colorado's best dream homes.

It's free this year, and while there are still dream homes on the tour, there's plenty of real-life homes, too. And one of the stops is right next door.

The New Town  Builders Townhomes at MLK and Geneva Street are on the tour.
 They're in the $200-300K range.

They've also got their solar powered home on the tour.

From August 14 to Labor Day, 11-6, you can check out 55 dream homes and real homes.