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In search of a great allergy-free pizza

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 Leave a Comment

I miss pizza.

We used to make homemade pizzas once a week. My son would don his apron and chef's hat, roll out the dough, eat a bunch of it, spread the sauce and smother it in cheese and other toppings. It was one meal of the week where I knew he would actually eat it.

But with my gluten and dairy allergy, and the tough texture of most gluten-free products, and my love of good pizza, I find it too irresistable, so we've just gone without. But now it's tomato and basil season, and if there's one thing I love it's a good margherita pizza, so I'm ready to try again.

I tried Fat Sully's gluten free pizza, but discovered I don't love feta cheese (which is sheep's milk, since I'm allergic to casein in dairy and sheep's milk is OK) so much. And take-out left the crust pretty tough. I have to try it again in the restaurant, piping hot from the oven, because Udi's makes a bake-your-own pizza crust that is good when it's hot.

So while most restaurants offer feta cheese or nothing (the vegan option is no cheese at all), did you know that the follow cheeses are from sheep's milk
... not cow: Feta, Manchego, Pecorino Romano and Ricotta? (see clarifications in the comments, thanks!)

The Gluten Free Bistro makes a gluten free pizza crust -- Nick & Willie's in Boulder carries it along with Radda (a lovely restaurant in North Boulder, owned by Matthew of Mateo on Pearl Street), The Sink, and Laudisio. Read all about this locally owned, women owned company at the Boulder Daily Camera. I'm coming to Boulder to try your pizza, ladies!

Any of you Stapleton Moms found a good g-free pizza?


  • Anonymous said:  

    Can't wait to try the pizza in Boulder. Not all Romano is from sheeps milk. Pecorino actual means from sheeps milk. So while not all romano is from sheep, Pecorino Romano is.

  • Craig said:  

    How about from a Stapleton dad? My son had dairy and wheat (he was ok with gluten though) allergies and we took him to BeauJo's once for their dairy free, gluten free pizza. It was pretty good, I liked it. King Soopers usually stocks a frozen Annies pizza that is dairy and wheat free and has spinach, Whole Foods also has a small just cheese Annies pizza and a bunch of other brands, but none are as good as pizza from a pizzeria. I agree with you about Udi's pizza crusts, they were quite good, as were their gluten free sandwich breads. I was recently in the Mellow Mushroom that just opened downtown and was happy to see they had a bunch of allergen free options and the pizza I had was good, so it's a promising option.

    With regard to sheep's milk cheese, our allergist told us that we should also avoid sheep and goat's milk for our son, and I never really did any follow up research. He was allergic to milk though, not cassein so our requirements were different.


  • Craig said:  

    Whoops, that should be Amy's not Annies.

  • Unknown said:  

    I think BeauJo's uses Gluten Free Bistro's crusts, too. I like the Annie's crust too, I tried it before the allergies but haven't found one without cheese yet.

  • GFKelly said:  

    O! Pizza in North Boulder also carries the Gluten Free Bistro's Pizza crust...and Daiya Cheese so you can have a vegan pizza, delivered!

  • Anonymous said:  

    Amy's pizza has caseinate in it.