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What to do when your child destroys your iPod Touch

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Leave a Comment

What do you do when you find your 1-year old dunking your iPod Touch in the toilet, then hold it to his ear and say "Dadda"?

1. Fight the urge to laugh
3. Grab the iPod and see if it's still on, and miraculously, it is.
4. Towel it off and check if it's still working, and miraculously, it is.
5. Tell your laughing child it's OK, Mom's not mad, but don't ever ever ever touch this again. Ever.
6. Put it in the refrigerator to dehumidify.
7. Forget about it for several hours.
8. Reach for the butter, find it, and see with dismay a black unresponsive screen.
9. Curse.
10. Curse Steve Jobs for inventing such an evil gadget.
11. Calculate all the songs and kid's shows that weren't backed up.
12. Think of all the hours on the plane tomorrow that you won't have the iPod to entertain the kids.
13. Weep.
14. Watch your husband weep when you tell him.
15. Pronounce that you can't have anything nice, because your kids will just destroy it.
16. Realize you sound just like your parents.
17. Tell the 1-year old it's OK. He doesn't understand and laughs.
18. Stick the iPod in a bag of rice to dehumidify.
19. Pray.
20. Remember the last time this happened, it was all OK once I synched it with my Mac.
21. Schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. They can fix anything.


  • Tara said:  

    Just read in Entrepreneur magazine that someone has invented the Bheestie. www.Bheestie.com. Supposedly you can seal any handheld device in the pouch and it will suck any moisture right out of it. Wish I had known about this when I dropped my phone in the toilet!!!