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Sunday is Tagliata night

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Leave a Comment

Since I've gone gluten-free, it's probably not surprising to find out we're eating more vegetables. But a surprising side effect is that we're eating less meat. Sunday night used to be steak night -- two big steaks for two of us. Now, the whole family eats just one.

That may be because I'm learning so many new ways to prepare vegetables -- and just in time for summer and the farmer's markets.

Our favorite Sunday night dinner is Tagliata. (see Food & Wine's recipe, although we're just following what my friend Matthew made for us a few weeks ago -- thanks, Matthew!)

We use our lettuce from the garden -- I can't get over how much my little Lincoln Log garden is producing. I keep cutting it, it keeps growing. Nan, my gardening consultant, told me to plant new seeds every four to six weeks to keep the greens coming all season long. We'll have mesclun next week and arugala a few weeks after that.

Then we grill one New York strip steak from Blue Horseshoe Cattle Co. Their grass-fed, grass-finished, locally raised beef is awesome. A buttery, soft flavor. We just use a little salt, pepper, olive oil and rosemary. Grill it, slice it thin, lay it over the greens, drizzle it with a good olive oil. I found a delicious, nutty olive oil from Palestine at Whole Foods.

Since I'm also allergic to dairy, we grate Manchego, a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk, over the top.

To round it all out, we grill vegetables and add them, too. One week it was those little red/orange/yellow peppers you get at Costco. This week it was onions, gold and red beets, carrots and sweet potatoes from the farmer's market. We just use a metal pan on the grill and coat the veggies in salt, pepper and olive oil. Some of them get a little carmelized and burnt and crispy yummy.

What's your favorite farmer's market meal?