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Go see The Lottery

Friday, June 4, 2010 Leave a Comment

Have you heard about this film, "The Lottery"? In a country where 58% of African American 4th graders are functionally illiterate, The Lottery uncovers the failures of the traditional public school system and reveals that hundreds of thousands of parents attempt to flee the system every year. The Lottery follows four of these families from Harlem and the Bronx who have entered their children in a charter school lottery. Out of thousands of hopefuls, only a small minority will win the chance of a better future.

On June 8th they are doing screenings all over the country and Denver is screening it in Northfield. After the screening, there is a panel that will discuss the film and education here in Denver -- including The Denver School of Science and Technology CEO Bill Kurtz, along with Denver School Board President Nate Easley, who really helped get Stapleton's 3rd school going.

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