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Chasing the boys around Casa Bonita

Thursday, June 3, 2010 Leave a Comment

We had to get our car serviced on West Colfax the other day. A total pain to take 2 kids along. Luckily, we had the brilliant idea to go to Casa Bonita while they were working on the car!

We got there at 11, when they open, and I totally thought we'd be the only people there.


The place was totally full of screaming kids. My boys loved it. They ate 2 bites of their kids meals, but wolfed down every last fluffy pillow-shaped sopapilla.

The gunfight was a huge hit, along with the guy in the natty, ratty gorilla suit that must be 50 years old. They were chanting "JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" with every other screaming kid in the place.

I felt just like this video, chasing a wild-eyed 4 year old and a strong-willed 1 year old around Black Bart's cave, the cavern under the waterfall, the beeping, ringing, whooping video arcades, the maniacal laughing wishing well and the kiddie rides. We came home with a flashing neon light saber (very cool), a whirling light ball, and numerous tiny plastic toys. They fell asleep on the way home.

Getting the car serviced is going to be a breeze from now on.