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Monday, May 10, 2010 Leave a Comment

... putting hats and shoes and socks on babies.

For a week now, the Yahoo! group has been debating the merits of putting hats on babies, whether that's an effective method of preventing sickness, and whether moms who let their toddlers run around hatless and shoeless are being careless, neglectful mothers -- or whether they're just allowing a child with a mind of their own to take off their hats and shoes when they don't want to wear them.

People feel strongly about these kinds of topics when they feel they're being judged or criticized.

Amber over at Mile High Mamas wrote a timely Mother's Day Post on being a good (and bad) mom.

Whether it's looking sideways at a mom for taking her kid to the grocery store in a swimsuit in January, or judging a mom for whipping out the boob in public, or criticizing the mom who refuses to give her kid antibiotics for an ear infection, Amber has some good advice:

"None of us are perfect. And we will all make mistakes. We will learn, we will revise our thinking; we will throw up our hands and let go of a long cherished ideal because we have just got to do it or collapse.

So how about instead of attacking other mothers, we start feeling confident about ourselves? How about we look to our own children instead of spending time self-righteously judging everyone else’s? Throw away your parenting books. Think about what your doctor tells you and evaluate what it means. When other mothers criticize you, shake it off and ignore the temptation to turn around and attack back.

Let’s try supporting each other for a change. I think it would make all of us better mothers to do so.”


  • jusross said:  

    ...great tidbit. I basically agree wholeheartedly, BUT, sometimes, there's a fine line between learning as you go, and flat out common sense. I think most would agree, and that's where folks frustration may come from.-@jusross