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The quest for a good babysitter

Monday, May 17, 2010 Leave a Comment

It's getting to be summer and that means all of my regular sitters are going to be unavailable: my daytime, college student sitter has a full-time summer job; my nighttime sitter is travelling. The thought of having to find another sitter is daunting: trying to find a friend willing to share their wonderful babysitter; posting to the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! list and hope for the best; calling references...

So when a neighbor recommended Mother's Helpers, I jumped at it. They not only got me a last-minute sitter the other night, they also lined up a regular sitter for the summer. And their sitters are all adults. (Not that I have anything against teenage babysitters, all 3 of you in Stapleton...)

Mother's Helpers pre-screens, interviews and checks references on all of their sitters they send out. And the Denver Mother's Helpers owner says she wouldn't send anyone to watch your kids that she wouldn't have watch her kids. And they've already negotiated reasonable rates for you: $13 an hour for 2 kids.

They even have Mother's Helpers, who will do light housework while they watch the kids, and yes, even overnight care.

All this for just a one-time $75 fee. In my book, totally worth it.

Check them out.