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Name that tune...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Leave a Comment

Well me & Earl was haulin' chickens
on a flatbed outta Wiggins
We'd spent all night on the uphill side of
37 miles of hell call Wolf Creek Pass
up on the Great Divide...

This song should have been in Mama Hated Diesels, which featured some great old country songs by Merle, Johnny Cash, and more, but even though they left out this classic (ha), it was still a great show.

I wish I had a cool prize to give out if you can name that song and artist, like tickets to the show. Hey, DCPA marketing folks, that's a great idea! If you're looking for something to take visiting parents to, this is a good one. Especially if you love country music as much as I do.

** UPDATE **

The great folks at the Denver Center are offering us a great Mother's Day deal:

"@stapletonmom Glad you liked it! Mother's Day deal for #MamaHatedDiesels - $45 for brunch at Bubba Gump and the matinee. Use code MAMASDAY."

Thanks, Denver Center!


  • Unknown said:  

    OK, do y'all need a hint? The singer was the mayor of Ouray, Colorado, and he also sang Convoy.