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Follow the mobile food trucks

Friday, April 30, 2010 Leave a Comment

The mobile food trucks are coming!

These are all the rage in NYC and LA. They're popping up all over Denver!

The Denver Biscuit Company's Biscuit Bus
is a mobile kitchen that will be serving up hot, crumbly, buttery biscuits at lots of Farmer's Markets, including ours at Stapleton. Their first outing is this Saturday at the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market. Follow The Denver Biscuit Company on Facebook or Twitter @DenverBiscuitCo.

And our favorite cupcake shop, Cake Crumbs, just launched The Denver Cupcake Truck, travelling all over the city selling delicious cupcakes. They have delicious gluten-free cupcakes at Cake Crumbs. Are they on the truck too? Find out where The Denver Cupcake Truck will be on Facebook or Twitter @CakeCrumbsTruck.

(Note to marketing folks: make it easy to link to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Sheesh, the searching I have to do!)


  • Anonymous said:  

    Cake Crumbs has awesome vegan cupcakes too - perfect for my milk & egg allegic kiddo.