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Never knew we had a view...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Leave a Comment

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until it was gone. See that little sliver of mountains?

Wow, these New Town condos are going up quick!

Despite blocking my mountain view, it's a good thing for Eastbridge -- a little activity around the second town center might be a sign that things will get rolling soon -- especially with the medical promised-land of Fitzsimons just beyond our boundaries. Some 15,000 people work there now, but there will be 45,000 when it's all done.

In other Eastbridge news:

    Traffic heading into Stapleton from Havana frequently gets lost and then speeds through the streets trying to get back. From the Stapleton Traffic Committee Chair: "After receiving comments about traffic/speeding problems in the above area, I have arranged to meet with our Denver Public Works Representative at MLK East and Havana Street at 8:00 a.m. on March 19th."

    This is a nice opportunity to share/discuss our concerns about the traffic in Havana/Iola- -MLK to 26th Avenue.

    You may have noticed that an office trailer and the first pieces of equipment showed up at the Filing 16 cleanup site. A quick status (as reported by DIA)...

    "We recieved approval in late December to start back remediating the Decontamination pad area and also the storm line, but not the stock pile. We hope to have the decontamination pad completed next week and then start on the storm line."

    The stockpile needs to go; the fences need to come down; and they need to clear the entire site all the way down 26th to Westerley Creek. Then Forest City needs to get back to EastBridge and finish what they promised.


  • Anonymous said:  

    There has been a zone change in the area that they are cleaning up. Any way to figure out what they are changing it to? I'm still so pissed former commercial land is being converted to housing everywhere else.