Didn't sleep at all last night

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Leave a Comment

What happened to my good sleeper, my baby who slept through the night from 8 weeks old?

Teething happened. Then he learned to pull himself up in the crib so he can stand and wail. Then a respiratory infection, an ear infection. Then weaning. And now trying to walk.

Yes, all these big milestones in rapid succession means my boy now wakes up Every. Two. Hours. All night long. At this point, I have to admit it's a habit. I've trained my baby to use me as as human pacifier. Teething ring, if you must know.

We've tried letting him cry it out. He'll cry for an hour, then we break down. He winds up in our bed every night. It was about midnight last night. Oh, I've read Babywise. I know the dangers of letting my kids sleep in my bed. I'm too tired to care.

And if he's not enough, now my 3 year old doesn't want to wear pull-ups anymore, which is great, but he wets the bed just about every night. So that's a 4 a.m. wakeup, too. After that one, I just can't get back to sleep.

It will end soon, right?

So forgive me if I've not returned your call or email, or forgot to pay the deposit to secure my boy's preschool spot next year, or forgot your birthday. I'm just horribly sleep deprived.

What do you do to make it through these big transition times?